About Us

Hello, and welcome to Contourz Studio.  We are so excited you found us, and look forward to this being the beginning of our journey together.
With so much choice out there it means a hell of a lot that you have chosen to support our small business. We are incredibly thankful and humble every time someone makes a purchase with us, especially the 1st time customer who takes that leap of faith, spending their hard earned money with someone new.
Contourz Studio is your destination to discover fabulous, affordable pieces, that will add that extra pizzazz to your current wardrobe. 
 When you use our online service you can forget about trying to find a convenient car park, or the hassle of waiting in queues to sometimes receive ordinary service.  Here you can browse through our departments from the comfort of your home, or on the go, shop whenever You want.
We want to make a positive impact on every one of our customers, you are truly valued by us, you are not just a transaction and move on.
  Our aim is to become your go-to site,  that we'll  be the place you think of first when looking for that special something.
So from all the team, Welcome and Happy Shopping.